Hi there! I’m Emily.

Just a small town girl… living in a… (scratch that) I’m not going to quote Journey lyrics to you here. Great song though.

Anyways! My story’s pretty simple- girl grows up, goes to college, meets a guy, they get married, they have a baby, and now she is totally overwhelmed with everything possible a woman, wife, and mom (not to mention working professional) have to need to accomplish every day. Still waiting on that happily ever after where birds fly all the carriage whisking me away to a place full of endless hazelnut coffee and chocolate that won’t decimate my waist line… Maybe after my seventh load of laundry today? Prolly not. (wink)

When I envisioned my life, I somehow did not envision feeling the burden of all the things that we women place on ourselves to do and to be (thanks disney channel). My passion is to be your (sometimes overly real) friend who’s here for relationship advice, parenting resources, timely delicious dinners, easy tips and tricks for maintaining your home, and reminding you to invest in your greatest asset- your health!

I love simplicity,

but my life is ANYTHING but simple.

Between taking care of a newborn, working, trying to be healthy, connecting with friends and family, remembering to brush my teeth every once in a while (jk that’s gross), and answering that ever-dreaded question of “What’s for dinner?”, I end most of my days with a tall glass of wine and a whiplash look on my face.

If this sounds familiar, then that probably means you too have struggled with attempting to “do it all” and often have felt unsatisfied with trying and failing (every.damn.day.) to be superwoman.

Here’s the thing, I’m not going to feed you a line of crap that says I’ve figured it out and that’s why you should read this blog, subscribe to my email list, and follow me on social media- because honestly idk if I’ll ever “figure it out” or if we’re even suppose to… (pause to contemplate the complexity of that dimepiece).

What I will say is that I LOVE researching and assembling ways to make “doing it all” more possible than it is in it’s original state, along with having fun and learning coping mechanisms to chose joy instead of wigging at every little thing.

So, cheers to attempting to do it all and (fingers crossed) staying calm while doing it!